WSO Sales Are Not Difficult To Make And Here’s Exactly Why

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The Warrior Forum is no secret to people who are internet marketers or online marketers. In fact, it’s a safe bet that you probably spend quite a lot of time in and on the Warrior Forum. There are a lot of forums there including an Off Topic forum for informal chat about anything.

If you’ve paid a visit, then you have seen what goes on in the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) forum. If you want to sell something as a WSO, then it must be something you have created yourself and it belongs to you. Don’t feel intimidated if you have never made a product and here are some helpful tips.

Avoid any hassles after paying your upfront WSO fee by making very sure you read the terms for listing. There is no excuse for not reading them, and that’s the way the forum views this. Do not try to bend them or sneak something in the backdoor. Over the years, people have made a lot of money with WSO’s and continue to this day. What many Warriors do is spend time in the forum building up their reputation before offering a WSO. There are many things that will affect your conversions such as instant download and lots of solid value. Try to create your own bonuses and make them good because that will help your sales. Whether you place the bonus in your copy or email it to them later as a surprise is your decision. Even though you have a warm audience at the Warrior Forum, that will not mean every WSO you do makes money.

There is huge competition in the WSO forum, so plan yours carefully and make it look at good as possible. The product or service you are offering may be fantastic but if you cannot communicate this in the offer, nobody is going to buy from you.

Spend some time studying the copy in the WSOs that have the most views and that you know have gotten the most buyers. If there is any style of copy that you especially like, then contact the WSO creator and ask about it. This is one time when hiring a professional to help you with your offer is something that can only help you make more money.

There are legions of IM marketers who flock to the Warrior Forum. And of course there’s the WSO forum that is really liked a lot. The income potential on this one board is so large that a lot of people earn full time livings selling exclusively through it. That is why you should learn more about how to create winning WSOs.

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