Rank Killing Panda Errors With Your Business Website You Must Avoid

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The whole idea behind the Panda algorithm change and continuing updates is to drop the rankings for those sites that are low value. On top of this, Google is also attempting to penetrate the social media market. It will be a while before the results are in but Google is certainly attempting to compete against Facebook. It’s the way things are and if you want any chance of remaining in search engine marketing you are going to have to adapt and follow the rules. You need to know exactly what is required of you if you want to make sure you avoid making Panda mistakes.

You may have heard a lot about internal linking and not have received a good explanation about why it matters. There is a lot of information on this topic, though vague; you can also find tools to help you get this done. Structuring this type of linking on your website is easy to do. There is lots of information on the topic. The reason you need to do this the right way is that it will reduce your bounce rate immensely. You will keep people on your site much longer, as long as you are internally linking to relevant content pages. People must have a reason to click on the links, following it to related content. If you don’t give them a reason to click, they won’t go. If you have a great bounce rate, then Google will reward you for a job well done.

Don’t make the mistake of not using content heading tags correctly or avoiding them altogether on your site. This is not the place for you to practice your keyword stuffing abilities. You shouldn’t use them on every tag either. While SEO is quite important, it can rob you of your objectivity and creativity so write with the idea of a natural voice in mind rather than of keyword perfection. Other possibilities remain in using the remaining headings for secondary keywords and perhaps sprinkling an occasional LSI phrase into the mix. The important point is to be natural and make your content very readable and of the highest quality you can produce or buy.

Have you heard of duplicate content? This is something that you need to be careful of. Many businesses have this on their websites without knowing it. That is the worst kind to have and will get your site slapped down by Panda. One way you can have duplicate content on your website, even if your business is off-line, is to have content specifically for the purpose of local ranking. Your pages and URLs look identical simply because only a few words are changed each time. Content that is produced in this manner is very prevalent, with millions of pages having virtually same words and phrases. All you have to do is alter the content dramatically on one page so it is completely different from another. When it comes to the latest update, this will help you avoid any penalties.

Anyone that gets the majority of their traffic from search marketing will need to learn how to fix what the Panda update is looking for. Many people still try to game the system, even though it would be so hard to do. These individuals are like everyone else, trying to make a living online. All you have to do to increase your traffic, or keep your rankings, is to comply with Google. It’s that easy!

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