How To Make Your Squeeze Pages Sell Much Better

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If you’re new to doing squeeze pages, understand that it can take quite a bit of time to figure out how to do them. The Internet is full of the opinions and ideas of other people on how to build them. So you need to be careful and always look at the date of publication for anything you read online. Search engines are rampant with this type of information, so you need to be careful with whatever you find. It is because the Internet is so dynamic in nature that this information persist for so long. Since there is no warning at all, people scramble, creating new information and the old is left behind.

There are many reasons to suggest that a lot of web business owners fail to do any optimization for conversions on their squeeze pages. Yes, this is all about conversions and getting the optin to your list. If you have never heard about split testing, then that is the method you use here. You can see why there is a need to have respectable amounts of traffic so you can perform the testing. Improving your squeeze page conversions is done by testing one thing at a time. Each part of your squeeze page, and there are more than you know, are ripe for testing in this fashion. Benefit bullets are a favorite with copywriters, and you will see them used extensively on squeeze pages and landing pages. The reason that you use them is because people tend to scan a page before they actually read it. Always be sure you only use an odd number of them, too. For a squeeze page, probably no more than 5 bullets will do the trick. Short hard-hitting pages should be used for maximum effect. Of course you can test anything that you want, but making a long squeeze page is typically not your best choice. Just focus on writing benefit bullets that convey benefits and not features.

Simple works very well in a lot of different applications including squeeze pages. Yes there are some that can work well and look pretty cluttered and crowded. You can do what you want, but as we always tell people it is best to simply test. Complex can turn off some people, but uncluttered and least complex tends to not do that. Just be sure that you include all the important things you know should be in it. Your squeeze pages should not have anything that does not need to be there.

Just remember that anybody can discover some of the elements of a squeeze page and throw something together. Thousands of people have used squeeze page and gotten nowhere with their lists. There is much more to it and that is all that comes after the fact.

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