Effective Kindle Marketing – The Secrets To Earning Extra Money

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For some reason the common belief is that earning tons of money selling eBooks through Kindle is easy. This is mostly because there are lots of Internet Marketers who say that the process is really simple. The real truth is that it takes a lot of work to properly promote a Kindle book. It takes work and time but that is work and time that is well spent. After all, if you don’t do any work to promote your book how can you expect anybody to actually be able to find it? In the following paragraphs we’ll teach you some of the things you can do to better promote your books in the Kindle store so that you can bring in more sales.

Make sure your Kindle ebook is properly keyword optimized. You probably think that’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard yet. Keyword optimization is supposed to be for articles and search engine optimization. The truth is that the search engine on Amazon runs pretty much the same way as the one on Google. It searches out words and phrases within the description and the book itself so that it knows how to match your book up with things people are looking for. You probably wrote about some highly targeted topics within your book. It is important to write your book’s description so that it contains keywords and keyword phrases that are actually related to those topics. Remember how you optimized your website for Google? Do the same things for your eBook. Your book needs a descriptive and very well written and entertaining description. You want to make it as clear as possible what people are going to be buying. Don’t tell people everything in your description (after all, don’t you want them to still want to buy it?). Still, it is important that your description be both clear and persuasive; you want people to know what they are getting but still feel the need to buy so they can find out more. This is where it is a good idea to hire a copywriter to help you out. Copywriters understand how to use information to sell and will write you a description that will both read well and encourage people to buy the book you’ve written.

Join communities and boards that have a similar topic of discussion as that of your eBook. This is something you are likely already doing to help you market other projects. You know it’s essential to make quality, informative posts that contribute to the dialogue on such forums. Include a link to your Kindle book in your forum signature to guide people and show them where they can locate and purchase your book. Just by being a good community member, you’ll be shocked at how many sales you can make.

The Kindle store offers you many ways to promote your books. The only real limit to what you can do is your own creativity. Taking a proactive approach and making sure people notice you is a much better strategy than simply sitting back and hoping it will happen.

We’ve delved into a few promotional ideas in the current article. A little creativity and some due diligence will help you put together many ways to ensure people buy your book and not just locate it.

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