By Using Elements Of A Squeeze Page Properly And Profitably

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Most people know what a squeeze page is. Have you heard of one? Every now and then, people have encountered these pages on an occasional website or two.

However, this is very similar to believing you can write a sales letter that converts just because you have seen one. People that write sales pages are the only ones that will actually have a chance at doing it. It is not going to magically occur.

The text that you use on your squeeze page must be well written for you to get the results you desire. If you know anything about copywriting, this will help your squeeze page dramatically in regard to conversions. Perhaps you do not know very much about this. If that is the case, you need to learn a few simple skills. Just find out about the basics – sentence structure and how to write paragraphs. This will get you far enough where you will be able to succeed. Try to avoid making sentences lengthy if possible. We are not saying you need to add gaping holes between your paragraphs. You need to have generous amounts of whitespace though.

When you write your headlines, you must be very sure they talk accurately about what is on the squeeze page. So then this goes back to effective headlines and telling people about a benefit. If you do not know why anyone should join your list, then you need to stop and figure that out. Sure, one offer is what you are giving away to join, but you are missing out on the other. So what you have to do is review what you have written and ensure that you have hit all the important points.

In case you did not know, marketing tests have been done with these pages for at least a decade. Of interest are the number of fields in your opt in box – this can make a huge difference. The e-mail address and the name – that is all you ever want to collect using these boxes. What you want to do (for the best conversions) is have an opt in box that only requires an e-mail – nothing else! You only want to provide the e-mail because people already assume it is not you writing them every time. And if you’re targeted niche audience is familiar with how auto responders work, the missing name field will not bother them at all. Your subscribers will skyrocket because the name field will be gone. This is because it’s easier for them to opt in without it there. Learning about different elements of squeeze pages will now be easier for you, as you will simply build upon the three elements you have just learned about. But keep in mind that you have to design your squeeze page according to your audience. Keep this in mind every moment of the day. And when you know your niche like the back of your hand, this will be easier to do. Video is still something you can add if you feel it would be right to do so. It may be necessary, based upon your research, to add a video to maximize your conversions.

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