Bowler Bag Design from Prada

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If you have not yet invested in replica designer bags of the Prada brand, do it now. Prada is an iconic brand when it comes to good leather and sensible bag designs. Prada started off as a family business in leather goods till Miuccia Prada took over and turned it into a full fledged fashion brand. The Prada of yesterday may not be the Prada of today but when it comes to handbags, that is something that they have been conservative about and their bags do not veer much away from the traditional styles and lines. They probably leave most of the experimentative styles to the younger vice line, Miu Miu.

If you are wondering what kind of replica Prada bag to invest in, try their iconic Bowler bags in exotic skin. Of course, replica designer bags may not be able to provide one with the python skin or the alligator skin which adorn the original bags, but that may be a good thing. Realize that you are doing the world a favor by not depriving a poor animal its life or its hide. The Prada python bowler bags are sturdy and firm and come in different shades. As the bowler bag designs go, these bags are structured and well formed. The top handle bag design allows the zipped enclosure to be conveniently accessed when necessary.

There are inner linings in satin finish and internal compartments which make it handy to carry mobile phones and other knick knacks separately.  Hence, such hand held bags in the distinctive python skin pattern will definitely help one to stand out in the crowd and carry a functional bag at the same time. Of course, this year we are seeing more petite styles of handbags making a come back but bowler bag designs are sturdy choices which can be carried out irrespective of where one is and the occasion.

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