3 Approaches To Build Any Web Site More Panda Friendly

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It is absolutely a fact that the Warrior Forum has been seen by practically all small, individual IM marketers for over ten years. There have been tons of regulars on that forum and it can become an addiction. This is because this particular forum is the best place for Internet Marketers to meet and talk about what they do online.

If you’ve paid a visit, then you have seen what goes on in the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) forum. Any Warrior can develop a product and offer it as a WSO, and there are many people who do that. Don’t feel intimidated if you have never made a product and here are some helpful tips.

Once upon a time people treated WSOs as "test launches" for products. That only made good sense since they could do a trial run, make changes and then move on. For some reason WSO’s have become very serious and probably due to the reach of the Warrior Forum. The buyers can post their feedback about the WSO but there are some rules about it. Sometimes it seems that the buyers are very impatient and will make a post if something is taking too long. People understand that sometimes tests need to be run, but they actually prefer you do it elsewhere.

If you have never set a price for a product, then stop and get a little knowledge before you do it. One marketing tactic that is not old at all is pricing it way low than it should be. But if people see a very low price, then that can raise suspicions with them – so be careful. These are the times when you have to make the best judgment call you can because not all under-priced products are poor ones. Get some help from somebody or somewhere about pricing if you are not familiar with it. As you will see, it is not completely clear as to the best way for this.

It is possible to damage your reputation if you do a service WSO and then fail to make good on it. Always try to go beyond what people are expecting and that will build your reputation. There are many reasons why folks want to make money and you need to help them. One kind of WSO that is rarely seen is coaching in which you talk to them on the phone, or Skype. Work on developing solid relationships because you will have a business contact and a future customer.

You need to do some WSO’s if you want a chance at serious money. We’ve talked about some of the things that you can do to increase the chances of making lots of money with your WSOs. With a little bit of research and experience you’ll find plenty more and be raking in the dough before you know it.

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