3 Approaches To Build Any Web Site More Panda Friendly

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Just about everybody in the IM world knows about the Warrior Forum. Lots of people go there to make money and learn how to make money. The most popular section of this forum, by far, is the WSO board. A WSO is a "Warrior Special Offer" and it is something that you are selling to your fellow Warriors at a lower price that is only available through that forum and that board. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your WSO is a rousing success.

There is something that helps to move your product and that is giving people permission to sell what they buy from you. If you’re in IM, then you know about PLR rights, so it’s the same thing with resale rights.

All you need to do is Google PLR, and you will find out all kinds of stuff. There is a reason why the market is so huge for PLR. It is true that this one thing can make a big difference with your sales in a WSO. You never want to make the buyer wait to get the product, and that plus creating a killer offer is essential. Just like with all IM products, a great bonus or more than one will go a long way. Allowing it to be a surprise makes it seem more like a "thank you" than something you might be using to drive up your asking price. Even though you have a warm audience at the Warrior Forum, that will not mean every WSO you do makes money.

Try to avoid catering to the get rich crowd but that is very difficult for many marketers. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure your WSO product or service works. You are not allowed to take an affiliate product and sell it, and that is stated in the rules of the WSO. Remember that even though you may love your product, for it to sell it needs to satisfy a need. Shiny and flashy won’t get it done, but substance and usability, however, will bring in thousands.

The Warrior Forum is like a haven for Internet Marketers. And of course there’s the WSO forum that is really liked a lot. Over the years some Warriors were making 20k a month just through selling their WSOs. That is why you should learn more about how to create winning WSOs.

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